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1 year [11 Jun 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

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Date created: 2004-06-11 22:52:51

Date updated: 2005-04-29 05:27:51, 6 weeks ago

Journal entries: 274

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so its been a year exactly since i created this journal. i didnt realize this until i copied and pasted my info and saw that i created it june 11th of last year. thats kinda crazy.. it definitely doesnt feel that long. mainly bc its been a bad year. i wish i could do something cool like philip did and write about everything that happened in the past year, but i dont think i can remember half of it.... but ill try and hit the highlights

-since last summer, ive been closer to my step brother philip than ever before. it all started when i went to his house that week where his mom was out of town. in fact i made this journal during that week. it was also the week where i met amanda

-it was the year of me turning against my mom. actually it started more than a year ago but it really hit hard somewhere late in 04. it escalated to point where i was borderline depressed to even live with her and my stepdad. but i never reached that low. even today im still fighting to move out, but it hasnt happened yet..... so i guess year 1 goes to my mom

-however, i didnt go down without a fight. it was the year that my seeing-dad-time increased. ever since i was a kid i went to my dads house every other weekend. but i guess my dad had a talk with my mom and told her that whatever she was doing, it wasnt helping the situation (referring to the tension between me and her)... so she let me spend three weekends in a row with my dad, one weekend at home, and then three more weekends with my dad, and so on. also on a similar note, i actually started calling my dad "dad" ....bc when i was younger, whenver i was around him i was also around philip and davida, and they always called him thom.. so up until this year ive called him that too

-my dad became an artist. well hes been an artist for awhile, but nothing as serious as the stuff hes doing now. hes written poetry and done drawings in the past, but this year he started experimenting with watercolors and they are becoming noticed by ppl that are willing to buy them. but hes not selling yet, too bad

-my stepdad's mom got cancer and my brother moved out. these are combined into one highlight (or lowlight) bc the reason my brother moved out was to live with my stepdad's mom. even though she lives right across the street.. this meant i got a room all to myself for the first time in my 16 years of living. literally.... ever since i can remember, ive either shared a room with tyler (my lil bro) or stephen (my big one). my stepdad's mom got better but just recently the cancer has showed up again :\

-music has become such a huge thing in my life. ive always liked music, but not nearly as much as i do now. i suddenly became really interested in my dad's long conversations about the beatles, or bob dylan, or the rolling stones.... whereas when i was younger i always pretended i was listening but was thinking about pokemon cards or something. but now my music collection is getting bigger by the day, and i couldnt live without my music

-its also the year i discovered my computer had a cd burner.. nice

-my grades this year were nothing like they have been in the past. maybe its bc once i hit highschool things got a little harder, or maybe its bc ive had a gf (for the most part) since last july, but whatever it is..... it really brought me down. believe it or not i used to be really smart, and i guess i still am, i just wish i applied myself more. when it comes to school im just really lazy

-i found a new me when it comes to relationships this year. my freshman year and 8th grade had like one serious relationship, but for the most part i just kinda dated around and had lots of fun with all my friends. i never really got tied down to anyone other than shannon. but this year, i guess i grew out of that stage. i feel like i really want to be close to one person and one person only. i block out all the other girls and focus in on who grabs my attention the most. in this case its olivia right now and probably for a very long time. but thats one change ppl from my middle school notice and i like that

well thats about it. what a year, huh? i wish i had more fun highlights.. and i probably do, i just cant think right now. if i could go back and change some things in past year.... i definitely would. not everything, bc ive learned alot from some of the bad experiences, but a few things i could have lived without. my year started to pick up a couple months ago when i met olivia. i really wish i would have met her sooner.. it would have been really nice to have her there for me at some points in the year where i felt like all hope was lost. hopefully next year when im writing another one of these, ill have many many good things involving her to write about :)

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horoscopes [29 Apr 2005|08:26am]
"If they're lying, you'll not only be able to tell, you won't be able to not tell. In other words, you won't be able to resist calling them on it. Why should you? You know how you feel about liars."


"Romance with you is often a push-and-pull, advance-and-retreat type of affair, and you wouldn't have it any other way. The dance is extra intriguing now -- deploy your fanciest footwork."

idk what this means..
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throwback [27 Apr 2005|08:20am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

how bout a little bit of old school? heck yes

merey is upset about not making cheerleading and her mom says shes going to have to go to st. marys in raleigh bc of her attitude. so shes sitting here crying and im trying to help. she says hi

peace ---->

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last soccerkicker entry [07 Mar 2005|05:48pm]

new chapter of my life... new lj... marvinwilliams

ill still update with soccerkicker for all the unc games but thats it.

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unc-duke [06 Mar 2005|06:15pm]

UNC 75
Duke 73

no statistics in this post. just pure HELL YES BITCHES! im sure you get the point! #1 illinois lost today, giving unc the open door to the number one spot in the nation! wooooooo!

up next: ACC tournament, next weekend

#2 (soon to be #1) North Carolina Tarheels (14-2 ACC, 26-3 Overall)

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marshmellows hurt sometimes [06 Mar 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | excited ]

what an eventful and tiring weekend i've had so far. and its bound to become more eventful and more tiring by the end of today. joy!

friday i came over here and sat around until philip got here. we then prepared ourselves to go out with merey and catherine, but we couldnt find a ride home so they ditched us. so instead me and phil got a ride to chik-fil-a around 9:30 and ate some food. then we walked to elizabeth's party thing. it was easy to find it due to the huge bonfire in their backyard. there were a bunch of loud and obnoxious people on the trampoline so me and phil just kinda stood there and exchanged awkward looks every few seconds. finally they convinced us to get on the trampoline, so we did. the total weight of everybody had to be over 1000 lbs because the center of the trampoline was like an abyss. it tried to suck you in so there was much of people falling over each other trying to stay on the outside of the trampoline. then someone brought out the marshmellows and we threw those for awhile. i got clobbered in the head a few times, but in return i clobbered other ppl too.

then we went inside and me and phil got beat by matthew in fooseball. we were up by like 8 and somehow he came back to win it. i blame our loss on phil, heh. then we played some twister. watched chronicles of riddick. i sat on angela's back as she was trying to sleep. she had a long day.... and threw 13 strikeouts in her grimsley softball game. *gasp* thats a lot of strikeouts. so she asked for a backmassage and i decided to reward her accomplishment with one. we left around 1 and went to sleep.

saturday we woke up, ate some breakfast, then went to the basketball court to play some ball. there were already some ppl there but they were friendly so thats cool. we warmed up a bit and then played a 3v3 game. i was always on phil's team and we won most of the games. we both played well. then this guy named tyler came and joined me and phil's team. he was pretty cool. went to page a few years ago and played basketball and soccer for them. it was cool picking on the old teachers that have taught at page since the 1700's. anyway, he was a big guy, so along with philip our team was mostly center-oriented. that was fine with me... i got plenty of assists and a few outside shots whenever i got bored of passing it. it began to rain, and since there was a layer of dirt on the court (and one spot we labeled the "pitchers mound" since it was like a pile of dirt) the ball got very muddy. since the ball got muddy, we also got muddy. it was a very dirty, wet, and sweaty day of basketball. it was fun though.

after that we went home, happily showered, watched some college basketball, and then got a call from merey asking if we wanted to hang out. we said sure so we made plans, and then left for friendly around 7. me and phil met up with merey, cat, and kim at barnes and noble. for some reason merey told me to call kim "kimmi"... so i did that for awhile until she finally told me her name was kim. sorry kim! we went to buy our tickets for Hitch, then to harris teeter and walked around the store randomly. merey and cat had a water drinking contest, but merey started laughing about 5 seconds into it, so i took over. had i started the race, i would have won, but since i was at a disadvantage cat won. then we went to the theater and watched hitch. it was a hilarious movie! i recommend it to everyone. i thouroughly enjoyed myself! after that we walked the girls back to barns and noble.

on the way, i pushed merey in a sears cart. i almost flipped her over but managed to stay stable. then i saw this group of african americans and decided to go through them. two girls were like "your hot" and asked me some not-so-innocent questions about my bodily parts. i had a good laugh out of that. but then they put their arms around me and i was like hmmm.... so philip called me and rescued me. dad came to pick us up and we left.

today were going to watch the unc duke game... HELL YES. ive looked forward for this all weekend. i cant wait man. we were going to go with cory to the game, but her dad got hurt doing yardwork and had to sell the tickets. that sucks! oh and we want to hang out with angela today so we'll give her a call later. well thats it!


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unc-fsu [04 Mar 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

UNC 91
Florida State 75

statistically, this was one of the biggest mismatches in acc history. on one side you have florida state, the league's worst shooting team that averages the least amount of points per game. on the other, you have north carolina, who is not only the league's highest scoring team, but the nation's as well. then you throw in the fact that the game was in chapel hill where unc has gone undefeated all season and we've got a blowout victory, right? wrong. the seminoles came into unc and shocked them. they shot lights out from three-point land in the first half and for the first time this year (at home), carolina trailed at halftime. during the intermission, coach williams made it clear that unless his heels stopped fsu's long distance game, their hopes of an ACC first place finish and a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament would be extinguished by florida state. freshman sensation marvin williams put up 17 points, but the spotlight was on sean may. he exploded in the second half, scoring 19 points and grabbing 8 rebounds after halftime. he scored a career-high 32 points and achieved his 7th straight double-double in a row. the last time a tarheel accomplished that was nearly 30 years ago. may went a perfect 10-10 from the floor in the second half and his numbers proved that unc doesn't need rashad mccants to win games. may got his 1000th career point and carolina became only the 5th team in ACC history to have four players that have scored 1000 points on one team (mccants, j. williams, felton, may). mccants missed his 3rd game in a row with a mysterious stomach disorder and is still questionable for sunday's matchup against duke. however, he was practicing before the game, so thats a good sign for the heel fans. if the heels win at home against duke in their last game of the regular season, they will clinch a #1 seed in the upcoming ACC tournament.

North Carolina vs. Duke
Sunday, March 6th
4:00 PM

#2 North Carolina Tarheels (13-2 ACC, 25-3 Overall)

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8 Months [01 Mar 2005|08:14am]
[ mood | happy ]

*is happy*

we're trying to ask her mom to let us start over with a clean slate, at the bottom of the ladder, and work our way up again. this probably won't work, but she brought it up yesterday and plans to bring it up again today. if that doesn't work, i plan on talking to her mom myself and see what i can do.

cross your fingers.

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branching off [28 Feb 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

woke up and there was no school. tried to go to bed but couldn't. ever since, ive been downloading music. ive gotten 44 songs so far. im trying to branch off of classic rock and experience some new stuff. so far, oasis has become one of my favorite bands. i downloaded 10 of their songs and all were great. ive been a fan of cake for awhile, so i downloaded several of their songs, all of which i thoroughly enjoy :)

if you have any suggestions for songs that i should download, just let me know. im open to pretty much everything. well... no metal, no songs about death and how satin rules all, and no country please. everything else is open.

edit: and no OAR! it's been suggested twice, and both songs suck.

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iceeee [28 Feb 2005|10:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

no school, sweet.


give emotional girls mood ringsCollapse )

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unc-maryland [27 Feb 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

UNC 85
Maryland 83

the tarheels, playing without their leading scorer (mccants), barely managed to defend their throne atop the acc against maryland. the terapins fought back after every carolina run, and even managed to take the lead with only a few minutes remaining in the game. a strong performance from freshman chris mccray kept maryland in the game until the very end. but felton, showing why he deserves the acc player of the year title, drove to the basket with 18 seconds remaining. sean may blocked a shot on the defensive end and prevented maryland from sending the game into overtime. speaking of may, he recorded his 6th straight double-double with 22 points and 11 rebounds. he became the first tarheel to do so since antwan jamison in the late 90's. senior jawad williams also put up a strong performace to make up for the absence of mccants, who missed his second straight game with a stomach infection. williams had 21 points. the win became the first for carolina at maryland since 2001. the heels remained one game ahead of wake forest in the acc standings. the two remaining games for unc are both at home, first hosting florida state and then arch rival duke. roy williams hopes to have mccants back soon, but his condition is still questionable. "we feel very fortunate," said coach williams when asked about how his team reacted to mccants' absensce. this win on the road solidified unc's spot as a #1 seed in the approaching ncaa tournament, but with two more regular season games and the acc tournament just around the corner, the heels aren't bragging too much yet.

North Carolina vs. Florida State
Thursday, March 3rd
9:00 PM

#2 North Carolina Tarheels (12-2 ACC, 24-3 Overall)

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[26 Feb 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | sore ]

we've been alright up to now, but the air that we breathe is about to run out. we've rehearsed our lines clear and loud, but the cue never came and the lights, they never went out. so we're passing the time, while time passes us. the fast lanes a term never applied to us. without a dime to my name, or a prayer in the world. i walk out the door.

destination anywhere but here.
away from you.

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[25 Feb 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

friday sounds pretty good i'd say

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unc-nc state [23 Feb 2005|08:23am]
[ mood | blah ]

UNC 81
NC State 71

with rashad mccants out with a stomach infection, melvin scott started for the tarheels. he came onto the court determined to rise out of a slump that has held him 0-8 from long range in the past four games. he did just that against the wolfpack. scott hit two critical three pointers--one at the buzzer of the first half, and one in the first five seconds of the second half. along with those two, scott knocked down two more and finished with 12 points. felton also stepped up in mccants' absence, scoring 21 points with 7 assists and no turnovers. it was his third no-turnover game of the season. may continued being consistant, scoring his fifth double-double in a row. in all, five heels scored in double digits to make up for the loss of their leading scorer. meanwhile, the wolfpack continue to struggle. they are now 5-8 in the ACC and are desperate for a win. with another loss, the pack are in jeopardy of missing the NCAA tournament in march.

North Carolina vs. Maryland
Sunday, February 27th
5:30 PM
Fox Sports Network

#2 North Carolina Tarheels (11-2 ACC, 23-3 Overall)

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[20 Feb 2005|02:52pm]
[ mood | numb ]

girls suck

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unc-clemson [19 Feb 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

UNC 88
Clemson 56

on his 22nd birthday, senior jawad williams scored a team-high 17 points as the heels cruised to eleventh straight victory at home. in the entire history of clemson and carolina, the tigers have never won at the smith center (0-51). clemson's drought in chapel hill is the longest active losing streak in the country. sean may had his fourth straight double-double, scoring 12 points and snatching 13 rebounds. raymond felton put up 11 points and 9 assists as the heels moved into a tie for first place in the ACC with wake forest. clemson missed their first eight shots of the game, allowing carolina to start the game with a 14-1 run. throughout the entire game, clemson's largest lead was 1 point. the heels: 39. with #2 kansas and #3 kentucky both being upset this week, unc will once again reclaim the #2 rank when the polls are released monday night.

North Carolina vs. NC State
Tuesday, February 22nd
8:00 PM

#4 North Carolina Tarheels (10-2 ACC, 22-3 Overall)

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lmao! [17 Feb 2005|11:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

duke lost to virginia tech! please excuse me while i go laugh myself to sleep.

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unc-uva [17 Feb 2005|08:13am]
[ mood | chill ]

UNC 85
Virginia 61

the caveliers were confident. they came into the smith center having won three straight games and they looked to make it four last night. after unc crushed virginia by over 40 points their first meeting, coach pete gillen decided a little change was necessary. instead of trying to match their opponents speed by running the ball, the caveliers aquired a new, and quite opposite, style of offense. but it wasn't enough to knock off the tarheels, who swept virginia for the first time since the '99-'00 season. the new offense did make the loss less embarrasing than the last go-round, though. mccants climbed out of his slump and led all scores with 23, contributing a game-high six assists also. may scored his third straight double-double, something he has never done before. He had 17 points and 16 rebounds. marvin williams, who averages 11.6 points a game, had to sit out due to a sprained big toe. with the win, the tarheels moved within a half a game behind wake forest in the ACC standings. coach roy williams joked, "sean may almost became the first player of mine to score a triple-double", as he was referring to may's 8 turnovers.

North Carolina vs. Clemson
Saturday, February 19th
1:00 PM

#4 North Carolina (9-2 ACC, 21-3 Overall)

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not so alone on valentines day [15 Feb 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

so last night i went to a valentines party at erics house. it was pretty cool. better than spending the day alone i suppose. there were a lot more people there than i would have thought, but that only made it better. we all gathered round the tv with snacks and stuff and watched romeo and juliet. it was the one with leonardo dicaprio and ive never really been a big fan of that movie. but it fit the whole valentines day theme. lesse... oh yeah, i got online during a boring part and wished a couple people happy valentines day. then we watched the texas tech-kansas game. well, it was mostly the guys who watched. the girls were determined to stay away from basketball on such a romantic day. bah, who needs em? so they went off to another room to watch tv or something. i had to leave just when the game got good! it went into overtime but i had to leave. luckily i got home and the game was in a second overtime, so i got to witness kansas's defeat ^_^

well that was my valentines day basically. wasnt so bad i guess. it could have been better. but theres always next year to spend it with that special someone!

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valentines day [14 Feb 2005|12:59am]
[ mood | okay ]

happy heart day everyone. hope you all enjoy it more than i will... *sigh*

"Valentine's is just a corporate controlled holiday designed to pimp hydrogenated chocolate and cheap pieces of paper. Any day that you spend with her should be as special as Valentine's was meant to be."

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